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We at Coninmaq have a collective experience of over 25 years in the remodeling and home renovation industry. We believe in taking great measures and care into increasing the value of our client’s home or business with our quality renovations. The process begins with us working alongside the client and having them express their thoughts and ideas, and us trying to bring it all to life with our expertise in construction, management, and design.

Our work shows for itself in our small-scale projects, major home improvement, and renovations, or our commercial projects. We offer all our clients the same attention to detail and highest quality work whether we’re renovating a kitchen, installing new features to a bathroom, painting an entire project, or tearing down and rebuilding drywall.

Coninmaq LLC’s project scope also leads into the design and built around sketches for construction plans or renovating a kitchen, and a lot more. The design stage is an essential phase of Coninmaq’s process to building a proper work ethic and working to provide the highest quality level of home renovation and remodeling.


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