What To Expect In Your Custom Countertop Journey


At Marble.com, getting an estimate is easy. Use our convenient online tool, email or fax a detailed drawing or blueprint, or stop by in person to receive a free project quote. Get an estimate now!


Browse our extensive stone inventory online or visit our impressive showrooms in person to see thousands of color options and take home your free material samples.


Once you’re ready to proceed with your project, give us a call to schedule a templating appointment. Our trained experts use the latest technology to measure and fabricate the most precise countertops.


Once your countertops have been templated, we invite you back to our yards to see how your project will be fabricated. We’ll finalize all details and schedule your installation date.


In just three days, your countertops will be fabricated and delivered. Natural stone countertops will be pre-sealed for your convenience. Our durable and beautiful materials will be ready to be enjoyed for a lifetime.


Marble is a mainstay in many South Florida homes due to the elegant looks and vast array of colors and styles that are available. Besides it looks, marble boosts many benefits for homeowners that decide to choose it as the preferred material for their countertops. Marble is heat resistant, easier to work with and cut to allow for more customization, durable, and adds more value to the room compared to other materials. Lastly, marble is a natural stone and adds a natural feel and energy to the environment.


Of the various countertop options, granite is a popular option among many homeowners in South Florida. There are many benefits to choosing granite for both your kitchen and bathroom area. To start, granite is a durable and heat resistance material that can take the daily abuse that is common to the high traffic areas of the home. Granite is also scratch resistance, stain resistance, chemical resistance, low maintenance, and middle of the road when it comes to cost despite the vast selection of trims and styles. Lastly, in the case that damage occurs, repair costs are lower compared to other options.


Quartz is a unique option for countertops in South Florida and comes in many different styles and colors. Of the many commonly available materials in the consumer market, Quartz is at the top of the list for durability. Simply put, if you are worried that your countertops might be damaged due to high traffic and use, quartz is the best way to go. Alongside its durability, quartz is also non-porous and thus boosts a great resistance to stains and chemicals and lends itself to easy maintenance and cleaning. Lastly, quartz is heat resistance and can be used in various rooms and areas throughout the home.


Of all the materials available for countertops, laminate is the most inexpensive option but still offers style and a wide range of options for homeowners. Due to its easy installation, laminate is DIY-friendly and allows for easier maintenance and repair after a professional installation. Laminate is also available in various sizes and is suitable for many areas in the home. Lastly, laminate is easy to clean and boosts good resistances to stains, chemicals, and water damage.


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