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Kitchen Remodeling

Coninmaq specializes at full kitchen remodeling and making your home seem more alive with a unequivocal service provided by our professional and certified team. Our team has collective experience of over 20 years working with many homeowners and business owners all over South Florida and Miami. We work alongside professional architects and contractors to provide a site map so we can accurately get the job done while understanding plumbing, gas, and all other utility lines we have to work along in homes or commercial bathrooms. Coninmaq has worked with condos in Miami, to ranches in Davie, to businesses in Brickell.

Coninmaq will guarantee the job is done when our client is happy with the project. After the client chooses all the utilities, flooring, tiles, island design, countertops, and all other options for their kitchen, we begin to a set a floor plan and get to work.

Kitchen Remodeling

What you will get

With every kitchen renovation or remodel Coninmaq takes on, we make sure we provide the same quality of work, no matter the client. Client’s initially begin the process by calling us expressing their concerns or any ideas they may have for any kitchen redesign or renovations. Once a client expresses their ideas, we develop a concept around the floor plan of the bathroom with plumbing reconfiguration under consideration. Afterwards, we express it to our client and offer an estimate. After the client picks out their vanities, countertops, fixtures, lighting, utilities, and much more, we get the green light to begin work. Our team sticks by our timeline provided to our clients and professionalism, so if you need custom work done for your bathroom or anywhere else on your home, give us a call today.


We recommend and install the highest quality utilities.


Full assembly and installation of Kitchen Islands


Coninmaq takes care of any necessary plumbing.


Gas installation, Lighting, and More!


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